What is slippage and how does forbitspace protect my trades from price slippage impact?

Slippage occurs when insufficient trading volume results in purchasing an asset for more than was initially intended or the selling of an asset for less than was initially intended. For example, let’s say that you want to swap 1 ETH for AXS, and forbitspace estimates that you will receive 35 AXS on this trade. Between the time that you initiate the trade and execute it, the price of ETH, AXS, or both, may have changed. Due to this, you may only receive 32 AXS for your 1 ETH.

Swap overhead optimizations by splitting your large order into multiple decentralized exchanges so you don’t incur large slippage.

In addition, with the advanced settings, the user can set slippage tolerance, the gas price and choose between the 23 liquidity sources forbitspace offers. The slippage tolerance feature allows the user to select their swap’s level of slippage.

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