How to use forbitspace on Binance Smart Chain?

Binance Smart Chain expands on the original Binance Chain’s capabilities and joins a growing list of cutting-edge protocols aimed at bridging the gap between different blockchains. Though still in its early stages, the platform’s promise of BNB staking combined with EVM compatibility makes it a suitable engine for developers creating strong decentralized applications.

BSC released with support for the wide range of Ethereum tools and DApps because it is EVM-compatible.

To begin, you must first set up the BSC mainnet in MetaMask wallet.

Install Metamask on PC

  • Visit the webpage at;
  • Download Metamask;
  • If you are using Google Chrome, select “Install Metamask to Chrome”.

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Brave, and Firefox are among the browsers that Metamask supports.

  • Then you will be transferred to Chrome Web Store, click “Add to Chrome”;
  • Wait a few moments for it to download.

Create an account

A new website will appear after the download is complete. This is where you complete all of the processes necessary to create a Metamask account.

If you haven’t had a wallet before, click “Create a wallet”.

Set a password with 8 characters. Then “Create”.

There will be a Secret Recovery Phrase. This is extremely important data and you should store it in a safe place where no one else can access it.

Confirm your Secret Recovery Phrase. And that’s it! You can now use Metamask.

Connect your MetaMask to the BSC network

A network switch button is located in the upper right corner of the interface. If your desired network is not shown in the drop-down menu, click “Add network.”

Some information you need to provide when adding a new network includes Network Name, New RPC URL, Chain ID, Currency Symbol, and Block Explorer URL (optional). You can find that information below.

You have connected to the BSC mainnet with your Metamask Wallet. You can now utilize this e-wallet to do transactions on any internet platform, such as forbitspace.

How to use Metamask when trading on forbitspace?

forbitspace is an aggregator protocol that allows traders to access a wide range of financial tools through a single interface. We are developing new aggregation methods to deal with the disconnected liquidity that decentralized exchanges are known for.

forbitspace splits a single transaction into several orders across multiple DEXs using a method of smart order routing called Spaceflight. We also route orders through allowing crypto traders to tap deep liquidity and benefit from higher prices with low cost and efficiency.

Using PC:

When trading on forbitspace, you go to the “Launch app” section. When you click the “Launch app” button, you will be taken to a different interface – The DEX super Aggregator

forbitspace‘s smart order routing takes only 0.3 seconds to discover the DEX(s) that enable the best price for your transaction after you enter the quantity you wish to exchange.

In the forbitspace’s interface, please connect with Metamask. 

  • Login to Metamask;
  • Choose “Switch networks” button;
  • Select BSC Mainnet;

DApp forbitspace – DEX Super Aggregator protocol officially lives on Ethereum, Binance smart Chain, Polygon, and Avalanche. Furthermore, forbitspace will be available on the Arbitrum and Optimism networks in the near future.

To change your network, click this button.

The network symbol will change to “Binance Smart Chain Mainnet,” indicating that Binance Smart Chain is now available for usage on forbitspace.

Using mobile:

To start, please install and connect with your Metamask wallet.

  • Download the Metamask app at the App Store or CH Play;
  • Log into your MetaMask extension;
  • Change your network to BSC Mainnet;

  • Go to toolbar;

  • Select “Browser”;

  • Then you will be transferred to forbitspace’s interface on mobile.

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