How to get a wallet?

Learn how to create an Ethereum wallet

To start trading tokens in the forbitspace app, you first need to get an Ethereum wallet and obtain some tokens.

Get an Ethereum wallet

Your Ethereum wallet is the key to interacting with the forbitspace app and all decentralized applications (dapps) in the Ethereum ecosystem. Your wallet stores your private keys – the secret password you use to authorize transactions.
Read this guide to learn what factors you should consider in choosing a wallet. Some popular wallets are,,, and

Get your first tokens

The forbitspace app supports trading any token for another token. However, if you’re new to Ethereum then you need to purchase your very first token using fiat money from a bank account or credit card. The forbitspace app does not support this “fiat on-ramp” experience, but many popular crypto services can help you do this.
While you can trade almost any ERC-20 token on the forbitspace app , your wallet must hold ETH in order to execute a trade. This because all transactions on the Ethereum network must pay a gas fee to miners who perform the computation. The gas fee must be paid in ETH, hence you must hold enough ETH in your wallet to cover the cost of a forbitspace transaction.
Once you’ve bought ETH, send it to your wallet and return to to start trading.
Note: non-Ethereum assets such as BTC, BCH, DOGE, etc are not compatible with the forbitspace protocol because they are note ERC-20 tokens. These assets live on different blockchains, separate from the Ethereum blockchain.

forbitspace app has not published an official mobile app. Any mobile apps you find are probably scams and should be avoided.
Only interact with forbitspace app by visiting
Please note that Ethereum addresses are public and can be shared with anyone. However, seed phrases and private keys should never be shared. If anyone claims that they need you to share your seed phrase or private key they are attempting a scam.
Wallets have addresses that look like 0x…8889. (i.e. a long string of letters and numbers). You can use Ethereum chain explorers like  to lookup any wallet address. Etherscan and other Ethereum chain explorers pull data directly from the chain and are a great tool for identifying potential issues with your wallet application.

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